Smart University designs and delivers high level training modules dedicated to latest advances in ICT technologies that will drive future growth and innovation of enterprises/organizations:
- Education workshops: teaching concepts and perspectives.
- Training workshops: teaching the details of a subject.
with the support of:
- over 30 European universities/research centres, schools institutes and Labs, under the supervision of its steering committee
- key industrial players and major IT users (...)

Smart University program is intended to engineers, executives and every professional involved in the design and implementation of projects leveraging these ICT advances to boost competitiveness, innovation, performance of their organization.

Smart University proposes "training workshops" mostly lasting two days, limited to 20 participants, as much interactive as possible, designed and delivered by renowned European academics/researchers (the modules leaders) with the contribution of:
- academics for the education part of the training
- IT practitioners (market players and end users) to present/discuss demos, case studies, exercises
Smart University training workshops include a panel and a closing discussion.
Full attendance is required and a final assessment from the participants performed. The participants receive a diploma certifying their attendance.

► Biometrics
► Machine to Machine (MtoM)
► eID
► Near Field Communication (NFC)
► The Internet of Things
► Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)
► Java Card 3.0 Programming
► Smart Hardware Security
► Location-based Services
► Software Security Certification
► Long Term Evolution (LTE)
► Web Application Pen Testing

The detailed programs will soon be available.
Smart University 2010 trainings will take place in Louvain (Belgium), Paris (France), London (UK), Sophia-Antipolis (France) and Helsinki (Finland). More info to come soon.

Smart University academic and research partners since 2007:
  Research Labs
• Bern (Applied Sc.), CH
• Berlin (Tech. Fach.), DE
• Bologna, IT
• Brussels (Vrije U), BE
• Catalonia Barcelona, SP
• City of London, UK
• CNAM Paris, FR
• KU Leuwen, BE
• Lille 1, FR
• Limoges, FR
• Lleida, SP
• UCL Louvain, BE
• Malaga, SP
• Marseille Méditerranée, FR
• Milan, IT
• Minho, PO
• Nice, FR
• Reading, UK
• Rome (la Sapienza), IT
• Salerno, IT
• Sevilla, SP
• St Gallen, CH
• Tel-Aviv, IL
• Twente, NL
• Fraunhofer, DE
• German Res. Center for Artif. Intelligence, DE
• JCR/IPTS/Sevilla European Commission, SP
• Smart Space Lab, DE
• Trusted Labs, FR