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LOCATION-BASED SERVICES: Converting ideas into revenue streams
Module designed and coordinated by Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director of PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

dates & Location:
2 days - September 24-25, 2009, Sophia-Antipolis (French Riviera)

Who should attend?
Strategists, product and project managers, sales managers of device manufacturers, chipset vendors, content providers, mobile operators, fleet management companies, IT integrators, etc.

What will you learn?
In this module, we will deal with the following topics:
- What are the key technology enablers to location-based devices and services?
- What are the key applications?
- What are the key success factors to succeed?
- Which directions will the market take?


You cannot ignore location any longer!

- The number of GPS-enabled smartphone users should grow to 700 million worldwide by 2013,
- 2/5 of App Store applications now use the location enabler,
- Entities as serious as governments and insurance companies are considering using drivers' location to calculate citizen's tax or insurance premium.

Are you aware of its potential? Of the benefits now offered by location technologies? What are the most attractive platforms, applications and business models? Where are the success stories?

We will bring to you both location basics and advanced characteristics.

Our analysis will start with a survey of existing and future location technology enablers and standards. We will then analyze the business potential and the key success factors to successfully launch location-based products and services. Finally, several applications will be presented in detail to participants.

This session's goal is to enable you to effectively design and launch strategies and products that leverage location.


DAY 1: September 24th, 2009

9.30 am - 11.00 am
The evolution of location technologies: from GPS to WiFi.
We will identify all location technologies, explain how they work, benchmark these, indicate the positioning value chain, and main business models. Main technologies covered will be GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Cell-ID, A-GPS, WiFi, IP address, user-generated, etc.
Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

11.00 am - 12.30 pm
Location standards: review of existing norms from OMA, 3GPP, IETF

2 pm - 3.30 pm
The location business. What is the value chain? What are the use cases? What are the possible monetization models?

4.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Case study: Connected PND vs. crossover phone PND vs smartphone
We will analyse the vendors strategy and launch specifics of 3 products that are competing for the mass market, i.e. TomTom GO LIVE vs. Garmin's Nuvifone vs. the iPhone.
Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director, PTOLEMUS Consulting Group

DAY 2: September 25th, 2009

9.30 am - 12.30 am
Tools and methods to conceive and introduce a successful LBS project

Application best practice: review of key location-based services. A number of LBS
companies will present their innovative solutions around.
Application best practice no. 1: Smart navigation or local search
Application best practice no. 2: Mobile social networking
Application best practice no. 3: Asset tracking
Application best practice no. 4: Safety camera alerts or fuel prices or weather
Application best practice no. 5: Enabling telematics platform
Application best practice no. 6: e-call / b-call or traffic

2 pm - 2.45 pm
Revenues: will the European LBS market live up to its expectations?

2.45 pm - 3.30 pm
Roundtable: Will the smart phone take over the LBS domain?

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