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Carlo Maria Medaglia
Professor - CATTID University Di Roma Sapienza (Italy)
Carlo Maria Medaglia was born in Rome, Italy in 1974, he had his degree in physics at University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy, in 1999. He has got his PhD in Remote Sensing at the Engineering faculty of University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy in 2004. Since 1999, he worked for several international research institutions such as ISAC-CNR (Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate), NASA (National Atmospheric and Space Administration), ESA (European Space Agency), NOA (National Observatory of Athens) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Admospheric Administration). He also worked as visiting professor in several universities as: University of Madison-Wisconsin, University of Baltimore, and the University of Washington. He worked as consultant in the RFID/Wireless Group of the CNIPA (National Center for Informatics in the Public Administration) and he is the director of the Italian Interministerial Panel on RFId and Wireless Sensor Network He is full professor of Human Computer Interaction at Mass Communication Department of University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Coordinator of the RFID-Lab of CATTID (Centre for Television Applications and Distance Learning Techniques) of University of Rome “La Sapienza”.. His main academic research activities regard RFID, Geolocalization, satellite remote sensing and mobile/wireless communication. He has more than 80 contributions in peer-reviewed journal and conference proceedings.
He acted as expert and as reviewer for the RFID technology in the FP7 program evaluation process (He worked for the unit of Gerard Santucci and Andreas Lymberis).

He was also invited speaker and/or member of the scientific committee in several national and international conferences and workshops (e.g RFID: Towards the Internet of Things, June 2007, Berlin; RFID: The next step to the internet of things, November 2007, Lisbon) and is currently responsible of the organisation and chair of the “Building the Internet of Things” workshop. He is also member of the advisory board of the NFC Academy, ID World and Trasportation Forum.

Leandro Agro
WideTag, Inc. CEO
Leandro has more than 10 years of experience as an Interaction Designer and manager of IxD teams. As designer and manager he specializes in Eye-Tracking, Emotional UI and Multimodal UI. Mentioned by WIRED as one of 24 ITaliens,  blogger from 2000  Leandro is a prolific writer on topics from IxD, usability, and UX to natural, multimodal user interfaces. He was the founder of Idearium.ORG, (the first Italian eZine/community for designers) and the coProducer of the Frontiers of Interaction ShowConference.

Leandro is Founder & CEO at WideTag Inc. A Californian Company focused on Massive Data Collection (Internet of Things) and Business Partner (former Advanced Design Director) at SrLabs, The Eye Tracking Company.

Previously, he was the UX Director at WebEgg Group (An Olivetti/TelelcomItalia ICT Firm), he during the New-Economy Era, he  was co-founder and Vice President of Altoprofilo SpA (the User Experience Company), a large eConsultancy with offices in Milan and Boston.

Patrick Guillemin
ETSI, Strategy and New Initiatives

Patrick Guillemin is responsible within the ETSI Secretariat for development, co-ordination and management of new standardization initiatives including the Internet of Things, RFID and related fields. Patrick has 22 years of experience in IT and Telecommunications Project Management and 16 years in Standardization. Patrick is Coordinator of the EU CERP-IoT Cluster of research projects on RFID and IoT and participates directly in 3 EU Projects related to RFID and the Internet Of Things: CASAGRAS, GRIFS and RACE networkRFID. He was previously ETSI Technical Officer in charge of ETSI's RFID standardization committees, worked previously for 2 years as
ETSI Plugtests Technical Manager (25 Plugtests events managed in 2 years) and was ETSI IT System Group Manager & Security Technical Manager. He organized the first ETSI RFID Plugtests in March 2005. Patrick supported the creation of ETSI TC GRID. In parallel, he was Software Engineering Teacher at Nice University (France) for 14 years. Between 1985 and 1993, he worked as CIO for the French Stock Exchange in  Paris and for Digital Equipment Corporation in Sophia Antipolis as Project Manager and consultant. Patrick has an Engineer Dipl. from the French University ENSAM (Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers) and a Master Degree in Software Engineering.

Manfred Aigner
Professor, TU GRAZ

Alessandro Serbanati
IOT Project Manager,  RFID Lab, University of Rome "Sapienza"
Alexandru Serbanati is currently responsible of the Internet of Things research area at the RFID Lab of “Sapienza” University of Rome and contract professor at the same university. He was born in 1980 in Bucharest, Romania. He completed his Physics studies at “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy in 2005 with a thesis held at ISAC - CNR (Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate – National Research Centre) that involved the development and evaluation of a morphing-based algorithm for nowcasting in orographically complex environments.
He then joined as researcher the RFID Lab, a research center mainly targeted to the study of the Radio Frequency Identification technology and its applications. After initial studies on the security of RFID systems, he participated in the design and development of mobile RFID projects for visually impaired people, most notably as chief of the SeSaMoNet software development team. In the past years he has been involved in the design and development of applications and FP7 projects based on Wireless Sensor Networks, with interests also in RTLS, security and mobile.

Marco Sgroi
Berkeley WSN Lab

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