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Pierre Paradinas
Director of Technology Development at INRIA
Professor at CNAM (Paris) and owns the chair of “Embedded and Mobile Systems”
Pierre Paradinas is Director of Technology Development at INRIA.
Pierre Paradinas is Professor at CNAM (Paris) where he occupies the chair of “Embedded and Mobile Systems”.
He was the Gemplus representative at W3C, ISO/AFNOR, Open Card Framework and Java Community Process. He was co-editor of the part 7 of ISO7816, and director of the European funded project Cascade project where the first 32-Risc microprocessor with Java Card was issued.
He has over 20 years of experience in smart cards technology and is deeply involved in the technology and research of smart cards, as program committee member (Chair of the CARDIS'04) and expert for the European Commission and the French government.

Photo: © INRIA / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Peter Allenbach
Sun Microsystems

Samia Bouzefrane
Associate-professor in CNAM
Samia Bouzefrane ( is an associate-professor in CNAM. She has a long experience in real-time systems. Since the last years, she developed with other partners an open source benchmarking tool to measure the Java-Card platforms performances. This work has been awarded during e-Smart'2007 conference. Currently, she is working on how to apply the component approach to design smart-card applications. She also gives lessons to the Master's degree students on the basic smart-card notions and on the development technologies dedicated to smart cards.

Vincent Guérin
Oberthur Technologies
Graduate Engineer in Computer Science at ENSEIRB; Bordeaux, France. He has been working for 8 years for smart card industry in software design and development. In Oberthur Technologies, he supervises the Java Card VM group, responsible for the implementation, the maintenance and the optimization of the Oberthur's Java Card virtual machines. Additionally, he is responsible for the internal training sessions on Java Card and animates external courses on the same topic.
He has been involved in the Java Card Forum for 6 years; participating to the definition of the Java Card 3.0 platform.
He participated to several funded collaborative projects closely linked to Java Card: Inspired, Mecanos…
He collaborated to the design of various prototypes and demonstrations such as GigantIC WUAOW, a Java Card 3.0 based SIM card primed by a Sesame award in Cartes'08.
He was speaker in major conferences in the smart card industry promoting Java Card 3.0 as the most powerful, secure and exciting open programming environment for smart cards.

Éric Vétillard
Trusted Labs

Thierry Violleau
Sun Microsystems
Thierry Violleau is one of the architects and specification leads for the Java Card 3 Platform at Sun Microsystems. Also for Sun, Thierry was the technical lead on a platform for end-to-end mobile enterprise applications, and has contributed to best practices architecture design guidelines for business solutions that use Java EE and Java ME technologies.

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