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David Simplot-Ryl
Professor at the University of Lille (France)
David SIMPLOT-RYL received the Graduate Engineer degree in computer science, automation, electronic and electrical engineering, a MSc and PhD degrees in computer science from the University of Lille, France, in 1993 and 1997, respectively. In 1998, he joined the Fundamental Computer Science Laboratory of Lille (LIFL), France, where he is currently professor. He receives the Habilitation degree from University of Lille, France, in 2003. His research interests include sensor and mobile ad hoc networks, mobile and distributed computing, embedded operating systems, smart objects, RFID technologies. Recently, he mainly contributes to international standardization about RFID tag identification protocols in partnership with Gemplus and TagSys companies. He writes scientific papers, book chapters and patents and he received Best paper award at 9th Intl. Conference on Personal Wireless Communications (PWC 2004). He is managing editor of Ad Hoc and Sensor Wireless Networks: An International Journal (Old City Publishing). He is currently associate editor of International Journal of Computers and Applications (Acta Press), International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing (Inderscience) and International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems (Taylor & Francis). He is also guest editor of several special issues: IEEE Network Magazine (IEEE Communication Society), Ad Hoc Networks Journal (Elsevier), International Journal on Wireless Mobile Computing (Inderscience), International Journal of Computers and Applications (Acta Press), International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing, and IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE Computer Society). He was also chair or co-chair for international workshops at IEEE Int. Conf. on Distributed Computing and Systems ICDCS 2004-2005 (WWAN 2004-2005), International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems ICPADS-2005 (SaNSO 2005) and 2nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems IEEE MASS 2005 (LOCAN 2005). He is program committee member at a number of international conferences and workshops, such as WLN 2003-5, IFIP MOBIS 2004-5, IEEE MASS 2004, WONS 2005-6, ICPADS-2005, UISW 2005, MED-HOC-NET 2005, AINA 2006 and RTNS'2006. He is scientific leader of the POPS research group, common project of LIFL/CNRS and INRIA Futurs. He is scientific coordinator of the national CNRS project RECAP on sensor and self-organizing networks.

Gwendal Simon
Telecom Bretagne
Gwendal Simon received his Master Degree in Computer Science in 2000 and his PhD degree in Computer Science in December 2004 after three years at both France Telecom R&D and IRISA. During his PhD, he conceived and developed the Solipsis system -- a distributed shared virtual world -- which has received a worldwide attention, including innovation prize, and has turned out to be a successful start-up.
He then worked as a researcher at France Telecom R&D for almost two years. He focused on innovation processes and peer-to-peer systems, in particular he initiated an innovative collaboration with local start-ups, resulting in the building of a co-working place.
Since September 2006, he is Associate Professor at TELECOM Bretagne, a graduate engineering school within the Institut TELECOM, where his main mission is to raise research activities on autonomous networks. He has published more than twenty papers in renowned  international journals and conferences, and he has contributed to more  than ten collaborative research projects.

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