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Mobility and Wireless
1 Day
Sophia, Lund
Exploiting Mobile Technologies and Applications
Mobile communication is a ubiquitous part of modern line and utilized in an increasingly wide range of applications and services. The desire to find a profitable “killer” application that is widely used by many mobile customers has never been stronger, yet in many cases the desire remains unfulfilled. Turning an application idea into a mass-market success (compared to a niche market failure) offering can be very difficult due to a combination of factors, including business aspects, technology, legacy devices, customer segmentation, marketing, open standardization, ownership, management and control.

Training's objectives
The objective is to familiarise the audience with the issues associated with identifying, implementing, launching and managing a successful mobile application/service. It will then become possible to understand the critical constraints, decisions and choices that affect the lifecycle of mobile applications and services. The learning objectives will be illustrated and strengthened by means of example case studies, drawn from extensive industry experience.

Who should attend?
The module is suitable for non-technical attendees, but is also recommended as a primer for the more technical module “Securing Mobile Technologies and Applications” and for anyone wishing to gain a rapid understanding of the wide range of issues in launching mobile services. The content is aimed at management/marketing level, although it should also appeal to technologists and engineers.
Target sectors: Mobile network operators, third party application/service providers (e.g. banks, transport, content providers, advertisers, ISPs, government etc.), application/service developers, equipment manufacturers, consultancies.

Key topics
Mobile, communication, application, service, technology.


9.00 - 11.00 am
Introduction to Mobile Applications
- History and evolution of mobile applications
- Comparison with “conventional” applications
- Parties that have an interest in this business area
- Ownership and Control issues

11.15 - 12.45 am
An overview of technology choices for mobile applications
- Mobile phone platforms
- Subscriber Identity Module platforms
- On-line v off-line service architectures
- Management choices
2.15 - 3.45 pm
From Concept to Launch
- Product Proposition process
- Business case
- Implementation issues
- Legacy issues
- Fraud/Security/IP reviews
- Roll-out
- Support/monitoring

4.00 - 5.30 pm
Exploring case studies
- Introducing case study examples
- Team work to develop “pitch”
- Team “pitches”
- Worked examples


Module designed and coordinated by Keith Mayes, Director of the ISG-Smart Card Centre, UK
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