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Useful Information - Spain

University of Malaga, ETSII
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática
Bulevar Louis Pasteur, Nº 35
Campus de Teatinos
29071 Málaga- España

Malaga University (UMA) is a public institution which promotes outstanding research and teaching within the European Higher Education Area. With little more than 25 years of existence, Malaga University has become a significant promoter of culture in the city, whilst providing a considerable basis for technology and research in the future. With a university community of just over 40,000 people, over the last decade UMA has sought to promote the internationalisation of its teaching and research and the mobility of its teachers and students.

ETSII - Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática
The Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática has more than 3,200 students and 135 teachers from several departments, such as:
Computer Architecture, Electronics, Applied Physics II, Systems and Robot Engineering, Languages and Computational Sciences, and Applied Mathematics. The Department of Languages and Computer Science's research groups works on artificial intelligence and applications, software engineering, computer technical in engineering, computational intelligence and image analysis, cooperative information systems.

 The Smart University, Malaga session is hosted in AmI-10 conference.
The AmI-10 conference (Nov.10-12) brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia working in the field of technologies and applications of Ambient Intelligence. Ambient Intelligence represents a vision of the future where we shall be surrounded by invisible technological means, sensitive and responsive to people and their behaviors, deliver advanced functions, services and experiences. Ambient intelligence combines concepts of ubiquitous technology, intelligent systems and advanced user interfaces putting the humans in the center of technological developments.

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How to get there?

Malaga is a city that is well communicated. To access it, we can do for the various means that nature gives us (land, sea and air). For more information, click here.


For more information about a selection of hotels in Malaga down town and historical centre, click here.