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Tailor-made trainings at your premises

Smart University delivers in-house high level ICT trainings tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Multiple training formats are possible, for example:
‐ "Education": learning concepts and perspectives
‐ "Training workshops": learning the details and practicing "live"
- and any mix of the two approaches

Lasting one day, two day or more if required, our trainings are delivered by best experts in their domain: academics for the education part and IT practitioners for the case studies, demos, exercises, etc.
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From an initial conversation about your requirements, Smart University is able to build a high level, up-to-date and interactive training tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether focused on a technical issue or providing general education, our in-house trainings will help your organization to leverage latest ICT advances, to boost your competitiveness, innovation and performance.
The topics addressed by Smart University contributors cover a wide range of ICT topics where trust and security are at stake:
- Smart cards and embedded devices
- Mobile technologies and applications
- ID management
- Software and network engineering
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Do not hesitate to contact us directly:
Lénick Perron - Cell: 33 (0) 6 79 70 17 98