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Mobility and Wireless
2 Days
Is Near Field Communication (NFC) really secure and ready for real-world application?
Near Field Communication is an exciting technical development that may lead to many new service opportunities and change the way that we use our mobile phones, smart cards and RFID tags. Essentially the NFC mobile phone may emulate a number of smart cards/RFIDs, or act as a smart card/RFID reader or simply communicate directly with another phone in close proximity. With mobile phones, smartcards and RFIDs already being used in huge volumes, the combination of the technologies cannot be ignored and is attracting considerable business interest, not least in transportation and payment systems. Of course, critical applications require attack-resistant security and so the use and potential misuse of the standardised NFC Security Elements (SE) needs to be well understood. NFC is still a relatively young technology and so handset support is limited however it is already possible to show tools and practical application development examples.

Training's objectives
The objective is to initially familiarise the audience with NFC technology and its relationship to RFID/contactless smart card systems. It also emphasizes and explains the need for attack-resistant security and describes the NFC security element (SE) in terms of its capabilities and potential attacks against it. The module then goes on to describe some real world applications of NFC and provides insight into development aspects by means of practical examples. Finally the learning objectives are strengthened by means of case study examples.

Who should attend?
The module is suitable for attendees with some technical background and IT awareness, but will not rely on prior knowledge of NFC or RFID systems. The content is relevant to engineers/developers and security experts, however it should also appeal to managers wishing to get an initial overview of the subject.

Target Sectors:
These  include mobile network operators, service providers (e.g. transport operators, banks/payment providers, identity service providers, advertisers, government etc), developers, consultancies, manufacturers, security experts.

Key topics
Near Field Communication, NFC, RFID, mobile communication, mobile phones, smart cards, security, attacks, tags, development.



9:00-11:00 AM
Introduction to NFC and common passive RFID systems
Module Overview
Passive RFID/NFC basics

11:15-12:45 AM
NFC Features and Capabilities
NFC overview
NFC modes
NFC handsets

2:15 – 3:45PM
NFC Security Elements and Attacks
Securing NFC with a Security Element (SE)
Attacks and countermeasures for NFC

4:00 - 5:30 PM
Real World NFC System Applications (Part 1)
Card emulation systems (including transport)



9:30-11:00 AM
Real World NFC System Applications (Part 2)
Mobile card reader systems
Peer-to-Peer applications

11:15-12:45 AM
NFC application development examples
Phone applications to create an NFC reader
Phone/SE application to emulate card
Phone/SE application for peer-to-peer

2:15-4:15 PM
Exploring NFC case studies
Introducing NFC case study requirements
Team work to design and present solutions

Module designed and coordinated by Keith Mayes, Director of the ISG-Smart Card Centre, UK
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