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Teachers - Hands on Services-Oriented Architecture Design
Pr. George Spanoudakis
Director of Software Engineering Group - City University of London (UK)
Professor George Spanoudakis holds a Chair in Computing at the School of Informatics of City University London and is the director of the Software Engineering Group within the School. A graduate of the Athens School of Economics and Business Science with a BSc in Informatics and Statistics (1988), he also holds an MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Queen Mary College, University of London, 1988) and a PhD in Computer Science (University of Crete, 1994). Along his career he has held visiting positions at the Universities of Crete, Essen, Malaga and the London School of Economics.

His research interests are in the broad area of software engineering with a recent focus on service oriented computing, system verification, and security and dependability of distributed systems.  His research has been informed by a wide spectrum of interactions with the industry funded by European, national and direct industry R&D projects. The total funding of his research exceeds 4 million Euro, and his portfolio of grants includes the EU funded projects SECSE (2004–2008), GREDIA (2006–2009), SLA@SOI (2008–2011) and S–CUBE (2008–2012) in the area of service centric software systems engineering, and the EU-funded projects SERENITY (2006–2009) and PEPERS (2006–2009) in the area of software systems security. Professor  Spanoudakis has more than 100 peer reviewed publications and has been in the committees of more than 70 international conferences and workshops. He has also chaired international conferences (SEKE '06 and '07) and been member of the editorial boards of international journals (e.g. Int. J. of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering and Int. J. of Distributed Systems & Technologies).