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Teachers - ID Management State-of-the-Art
David Chadwick
Professor at the University of Kent, UK
David Chadwick is Professor of Information Systems Security at the University of Kent. He is the leader of the Information Systems Security Research Group (ISSRG) at Kent and a member of IEEE and ACM. His group are the creators of PERMIS (, an open source X.509 and SAML supported role based authorisation infrastructure which is part of the US NMI software suite. It is currently integrated with Globus Toolkit, Shibboleth, Apache and OMII-UK and is currently being integrated into the UK's National Grid Service. David has published widely, with over 140 research publications, 2 Internet RFCs, 4 OGF specifications and 1 ISO standard. He specialises in Public Key Infrastructures, Privilege Management Infrastructures, Trust Management, Federated Identity Management and Privacy Management. He actively participates in standardisation activities, is the UK BSI representative to X.509 standards meetings, the chair of the Open Grid Forum OGSA Authorisation Working Group and a member of OASIS and the Kantara Initiative.