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Teachers - Hands On Java Card 3.0 Programming
Dr Michel Koenig
Associate Professor - Polytech'Nice Sophia
Dr Michel Koenig is Associate Professor in Polytech'Nice Sophia, a french school of engineers depending of University of Nice.

He designed the first course of Java Card for Schlumberger Smart Card division in 1996.

He lead the project Wireless Wallet for Ericsson from 1998 to 2001. This project targeted a portable smart card reader working in conjunction with mobile phones through a Bluetooth link, in order to secure transactions between the mobile phone and remote servers. This project was nominee for Sesames 1999.

He leads the project Secure Media SIM, a collaborative project which involves Polytech'Nice, Gemalto, ATMEL, France Telecom, ST-Ericsson, I3S-CNRS and F2E. This project targets the specifications for the hardware and the software of a SIM card capable of decrypting on the fly a video bitstream. This project was dedicated to the audiovisual rights protection for mobile television.

He leads the project PARME (Protection of Audiovisual Rights for Mobile Entertainment) developed by students of Polytech'Nice for SIMagine concourse. The project was selected with 9 other finalists of the concourse for a presentation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

He had continuously presented papers to ESmart conferences.

Thierry Violleau
Thierry Violleau is one of the architects and specification leads for the Java Card 3 Platform at Oracle. Also for Sun, Thierry was the technical lead on a platform for end-to-end mobile enterprise applications, and has contributed to best practices architecture design guidelines for business solutions that use Java EE and Java ME technologies.