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Teachers - Products' Piracy Protection with Embedded Hardware and Software
Pr Georg Sigl
Institute for Secure Information Technology, Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) 
Georg Sigl finished his PhD in Electrical Engineering on electronic design automation at TU München in 1992. Afterwards he implemented new design-for-testability concepts in telecommunication ASICs at Siemens. In 1996 he joined the automotive microcontroller department at Siemens HL (later Infineon) to develop microcontroller peripherals and the new 16 bit architecture C166SV2. In 2000 he changed to the Chip Card and Security division where he was responsible for the development of new secure microcontroller platforms. Under his responsibility, two award winning platforms - the SLE88 (Cartes Sesames Award 2001) and the SLE78 (Cartes Sesames Award 2008) - have been designed. In June 2010, he has founded a new institute at Technical University Munich for Security in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. In parallel, he is driving embedded security research as deputy director at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT Munich.

Dipl.-Inf. Bartol Filipovic
Fraunhofer SIT

Bartol Filipovic studied computer science at the University of Frankfurt, with focus on applied cryptography, IT Security and logic synthesis. Following his studies, he joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology as a research fellow. Among other things he dealt there with protection mechanisms for embedded systems, design security for hardware and reverse engineering of binary code. Under his leadership, the Fraunhofer SIT was involved from January 2008 to December 2010 in a three-year joint project “innovations against product piracy”. In this project he was responsible for the development and evaluation of technological protection measures for embedded systems - in cooperation with industrial partners. He is head of a group at Fraunhofer Institute SIT, having focus of work on intellectual property protection for embedded systems and evaluation of security and protection mechanisms for hard- and software.

Dr. Frederic Stumpf
Head of Department "Embedded Security and Trusted OS"
Fraunhofer-Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT
Frederic Stumpf holds a doctorate degree and diploma in computer science from Darmstadt University of Technology. He worked several years as research assistant in the areas of trusted operating systems and trusted computing at the IT security department at Darmstadt University of Technology. There, he also was responsible for the project "TrustCaps"; a project funded by the German Research Foundation. In 2009, after completing his doctorate degree, Frederic Stumpf joined Fraunhofer SIT. Since 2010, he leads the research department "Embedded Security and Trusted OS" at Fraunhofer SIT. The research interests of Frederic Stumpf are in the area of embedded security, trusted operating systems, virtualization techniques, and trusted computing. Frederic Stumpf has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers in international journals and conferences and regularly serves in program committees of international security conferences.