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Teachers - Securing Systems against DDoS Attacks
Erol Gelenbe
Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department - Imperial College London (UK)
Erol Gelenbe, a Fellow of IEEE, ACM and IET, is the  Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, Imperial College London. He is a member of the  Turkish Academy of Sciences , of  Academia Europaea , and of the  French National Academy of Engineering (Academie des Technologies) . His theoretical research develops and analyses  probability models  in the computer and information sciences, while his experimental work designs self-aware adaptive network protocols such as the  Cognitive Packet Network, testing them via large scale experiments.  Erol made early research contributions to automata theory, the performance of paging algorithms for virtual memory systems, random access communication channels and data link control procedures. He has developed novel diffusion models of multiprogramming systems and of wireless multi-hop networks; he has proved optimality criteria for checkpointing policies in data bases; he contributed adaptive control policies to avoid thrashing and maximise throughput in virtual memory systems; he has introduced new product form queueing network models that incorporate control functions such as workload re-routing and work removal called "G-networks". His has introduced models of spiked neurons and their learning algorithms with numerous applications including the design of an "autonomic" packet network (CPN: the cognitive packet network) which uses neural networks in each node for routing decisions.  A graduate of METU, Ankara, Erol is active in funded research programmes in the UK and the EU, and in scientific organisations such as ACM, BCS and UKCRC. He was a founder of IFIP Working Group 7.3 (Computer System Performance Evaluation), ACM SIGMETRICS and of the journal Performance Evaluation. He has received the "honoris causa" doctorate from the University of Rome II (Italy), Liege University in Belgium, and Bogazici University (Istanbul). His scientific prizes include the ACM SIGMETRICS Life-Time Achievement Award and the Prix France Telecom of the French Academy of Sciences.